How to choose a TV mount?

How to choose a TV mount?

How to choose a TV mount?

What kind of mount fits your TV? Read the below checklist:

The TV VESA pattern, the TV weight, the inputs location and the wood stud spacing are four main factors for choosing a suitable TV mount. And the TV size is for reference only.  The following details:

1) The VESA size of back of your TV
2) The wood stud spacing of your wall
3) The clear photo of TV back panel (help check power and inputs)

Caution: Don't install on drywall alone!

how to choose a tv mount

What is the VESA?

VESA = Horizontal x Vertical                                          

Note: The VESA mounting patterns are the distances(mm) between the four screws holes on the back of the TV.

what is the VESA?

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